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Truth is a tricky subject to discuss. I think the real breakdown we need to see is the difference between personal truth and absolute truth. Personal truth is what you as an individual believe to be true. Absolute truth is what is really real. Let’s say a man yells at his wife for leaving the garage door open. The man believes that his wife purposefully left the door open because she has a total disregard for his things that are in the garage. This is his personal truth. The wife believes that she closed the garage door and that the man opened again just to have something to yell at her about. This is her personal truth. The absolute truth is that their son left the garage door open when he took his bike out. So there are three different truths here, all of which conflict, but also all of which are true. Let’s get everyone riled up and bring religion into it. For example, Christians believe there is one true God who is the creator and ruler of all things. For a Christian who believes in the Christian philosophy this is true. This is their personal truth. Atheists believe there is no God, evolution is rational, and every man is only accountable to himself for his own actions. This is his personal truth. Both of these views are the truth, but that does not make either one True. No one can prove the absolute truth in this situation. If atheists are right then a lot of people wasted a lot of time. If Christians are right, then a lot of people are really fucked.


Space art

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I would like to take this opportunity to say WTF? Dolphins swimming through space is art? Of course that takes us back to the whole conversation of what is art where we eventually realize that everything is art depending on how you look at it. But really, space dolphins? come on. No wonder we haven’t found any extraterrestrial life, they probably were gonna drop by but then found one of our space dolphins and were like, woah, fuck that. It’s especially great that the guy who did it was talking about how there’s so much trash in space already. Oh no, there’s too much debris and other unnecessary crap floating around our galaxy, here’s a solution, fire off some more trash! If they were debris eating space dolphins then sure, I can see that working out. They could be art and serve a purpose. In fact why don’t we decorate our trash trucks on earth to look like dolphins. I think that would be much more enjoyable. I often think of what other civilizations will think of us when they find our ruins. God forbid the first thing they find will be Disneyland. “These people worshiped the great mouse god!” And you know what, with dolphins in space, maybe we do.

Body Worlds

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I think body worlds is fascinating. Creepy, but fascinating. It’s extremely valuable to know what goes on inside your own body. I’ve had knee problems for years and all I ever got from doctors was medical jargon and put some ice on it. When I started playing rugby for college it became a real problem for me, I had to figure out what was up and find a way to work around it or I wouldn’t be able to play my favorite sport anymore. So I studied the anatomy of the knee, and from there finally figured out what exactly was going on in my joint that made what I love doing hurt so much. I discovered where I needed to put tension to counteract what was happening and presto I can run again. Body worlds can help other people make these same realizations about their own bodies. If I was a smoker and saw the body worlds smokers lung I sure would quit. It’s also especially cool to have animals in the exhibit as well. That makes it so you are able to relate things that are on our bodies to how they work in other species and shows that all life is unique and the same all at once.


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I understand that often harmful testing can lead to results that help many. For the greater good, even if it means harming some. Some valuable medical information even came for the torture tests performed during the holocaust, and animal testing can often lead to helpful discoveries. I also believe that art simply for the sake of art is a necessary entity in our world, that the strictly logical people of our society need to just accept it and leave it alone. And maybe I have stronger violent tendancies than others and feel more of a connection to animals than others. But hearing a man talk about his neon green bunny that may have lived from two to ten years made me want to jump out of my seat and bash his face into the floor while screaming “it’s for the sake of art!”

That’s all I have to say on the subject.


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It is amazing how our opinions on robots have changed so drastically since their introduction to the world. I’ve read many old sci fi novels (I’m a nerd like that) and today it’s comical how terrified the world was of robots. Looking at todays world and how dependent we are on electronics it’s hard to imagine where we would be if our fear of robotics had held. I believe that part of what really changed our view of robots are books such as I, Robot. In this collection of short stories the reader goes on a journey, starting at the beginning with a fear and dread of a robotic companion, through robots taking over, robots having feelings, robots running away, and ending with preferring robots over the despicable humans that created them. I believe that robotics is what is helping us towards our next big step, whatever it may be. We don’t quite have flying cars yet, and we might end up in “The Matrix.” But I say forge onward and lets hope we end up in “Futurama” instead.

The North South Divide

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I think that the divide between north and south on our campus is very prevalent. In the architechture alone the divide is visble. When walking through north campus there a lots of trees and open space, the buildings are mostly a quant brick or have a modern art type feel. South campus is a world of grey cement, tangled buildings and a general feeling of impending doom. Can you tell that I’m a north campus major? But I believe many south campus majors have the same feelings about their territory that I do, even if they don’t know it. South campus majors enjoy the perks of classes where there is no room for creativity, you either understand or you don’t. My south campus friends are generally constantly stressed and all seem to believe that they are inevitably going to fail. But that doesn’t stop us from being friends, I’ve just learned to keep my distance around midterms and finals week. I once brought one of my south campus friends with me to pick up something from the theater department and upon seeing the rolling hills of the sculpture garden she had to stand for a minute rather dumbstruck and asked “Is this still on campus?”
So essentially, The north south divide does not stop us from socializing, networking, or any other such ing. The difference is in the attitude.

final post, finally – xuan wei

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today i got slaughtered on my physics final examination. it was quite frustrating but i think i will get over it eventually. regarding to this class, i thought it was awesome and much better than my physics class. um, i really liked everyone’s final presentation, they were very creative and fun to watch. frankly i am very depressed today and that is why my blog is looking so bad right now. i just feel quite lost as an engineering major freshman in ucla, and i am seriously considering changing major into art related fields. well i hope everyone best of luck on their finals, and for those who already had them, i wish you good results, for those who had bad finals, i feel you~ hopefully you get over it soon and move on!

i want to thank prf vesna and the TAs, you guys did a really good job inspiring me. good luck to you guys too~