Patty Durongwong.Week 1.Two Cultures

“They believe it to a degree that they become it” – Victoria Vesna
Stereotypes oversimplify conceptions and images that may often lead one to make false assumptions. However, I have noticed that those who stereotype others are often submerged in their own stereotype. This form of bigotry is somewhat discomforting. It traps the individual in a state where they live only within their realm of what “should be.” Initially, I asked myself what does this topic of “Stereotypes” have any connection to the convergence of art and science? I now realize that it has everything to do with it. It is what keeps the two seperate – much like north and south campus here at UCLA. Why label each side of campus by a title when it is, in fact, one campus? Many often stereotype the scientist as the man in the white laboratory coat, holding test tubes, and scribbling reactions on a chalk board. The artist is often methodized as the man wearing shabby clothing, holding a paint brush, and intently painting. As these stereotypes limit the perception of a scientist – whom may not be a chemist working in a laboratory but rather a researcher – and the artist – whom may not be a painter but instead a graphic designer, they also reveal the immense similarties between the two: creation.

John Brockman’s “Third Culture” describes a “third culture” in which science and art have progressed to breed an entirely new culture in wich somewhat provocative and unusual ideas are developed. However, this “third culture,” in my opinion, is not an entirely new entity but instead an amalgam of concepts and ideas that root from both the sciences and the arts. These innovative ideas and abstractions are paving way to a paradigm shift. The paradigm in which our generation in America lives in is evolving through these new notions. The paradigm is shifting to an even more technological focused culture. Science encourages innovation and opens countless doors to new explorations, discoveries, and progressions. Much like art, it lacks the rigidity of “law and order.” As I explore and contemplate the similarities between the two realms of art and science, I realize that the two cultures needed to diverge in order to begin converging again. The evolution of each culture, seperately, progressed without the limitations or bias of the other and it is with these advacements that the two cultures find themselves interconnected and inspired by each other to bring about something even greater than neither could accomplish on its own.


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