Two Cultures around Us

     C.P. Snow’s book, The Two Cultures, descirbed the two seperate segments that our world pursues individually.   However, the idea of two cultures is that they ultimately come into one.  That means they are the same as each other.   Some theorists consider it as the “third culture” that emerges from the combination of the two.  We can also see that in the society of UCLA.

     The first segment consist of art culture.  In the past, this has been one of the most debated topic.  For most of the early times, the Gospel of Christian had just reached Europe and initiated a series of persue in art called the Renaissance.  In UCLA, the most significant flow of this system lies aorund the building constructions around the campus.  The most obvious part of the campus is the south campus.  Most of the south campus buildings were built for researches on sciences, such as Engineering, Medical school…etc.  However, the paintings on the building doesn’t resemble the function in the south campus.  In fact, most of the artworks focus more on the creation of “brightness” of the buildings.  For example, many decorations on the building does not even form a image to have relation with scientific notions.  The buildings were decorated to be colorful that can be resemble to the beauty of the butterflies.  On the broad view of the whole south campus, it will be like a bunch of butterflies fly around a green land in the center of the campus.  Yet, all the teachings and researches that conducted in these buildings have nothing to do with art.  We can see reports stacking up in labs and among those reports were complex calculation according to observations and theories with has no sense of freedom as most artist persue.  However, this does not change the fact that science and art are originally one.   The advance mathematics uses equations to describe an artistic shape.  It begin with single variable equations like conics but it eventually evolves into muti-variable equations.  The later calculus work has a special green theorem that describe about the region covered in three dimensional world.

     On the other hand, in art communities, we can sometimes see the involvement on technology and even scientific researches conducted.  For example, this homework is base on the usage of blogs on internet.  Internet is a very comprehensive development from computer science languages and so all the students were bound to express their work with less freedom of creation and have to follow the protocols setted by the internet regulations.  Although at some point, it provided a space of freedom to discuss about individual thoughts, but all of the users are still bound by other rules in technology.  For example, to write this blog requires the usage of computer and nothing else can replace it to represent the freedom of choice.  It is not a bad idea to use the blogs, in fact, it was an excellent idea of the use of resourse, but it must ultimately require the use of advance technologies.  Computer programs like photoshops edit and format an artistic work in computers.  In fact, all the animations on televisions or movies were made completely through computer graphic edit systems.  Most students in computer science courses learn about to format computer languages to make presentation on screen more delicate.

     These are some examples in UCLA.  For most of the part, science and art are inseperatable.  The upper division courses in both art and science majors both approch other sides to descrobe and abide each other with more skillful techniques.

intertwined art science



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