Campus Divide- Kevin Schmidt

One thing that I have noticed in my short time here is that there is a clear divide between north and south campus. This is due to the fact that typically the worlds of math/science don’t mesh with the world of English and the arts. This class is trying to break that divide. My class is filled with all sorts of students with a multitude of majors, from art, to engineering, we have it all. This class has shown me that there doesn’t have to be a divide between the sciences and arts. Many of the tools used in science are some of the same tools that artists use. On the first day of class we were given a quote by Buckminster Fuller, he was the creator of the geodesic dome. Some may view him as an artist while others would say he is clearly a scientist. But if you asked him he would answer even more simply, he was both. He did not feel the need to classify himself to one field. He was an amazing artist who came up with some of the most beautiful architecture of the 20th century but he was also greatly respected in the world of math and science because of his accomplishments in geometry and related fields. See more about bucky fuller here.

In learning more about science I gain an appreciation for it, and in learning more about art I gain an appreciation for that. When I learn about both of them I start to appreciate them as a whole, not two separate field of study. The more I learn about each field the more I realize that they are not that different. Century’s ago many scientific studies were considered art. It is interesting to see how over the years there has been a divide and now I am coming full circle again to see that they are related just the way they started out.


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