Two Cultures (Marco Anzures)

I would have to say that after a year at UCLA I do see a divide of some sort on campus. Historically speaking there has always been the North and South campus divide between the Humanities and Sciences. Time has established a sort of rivalry between the two, and as a consequence, certain stereotypes and distinct attributes have been given to either side. North campus students are a little more liberal, progressive and for lack of a better term “artsy.” While their South campus counterparts are more straight-edge, concrete, and measured. Just in the few days that we have had this class it has become evident that many students, whether they are strictly from south or north campus, have never taken a course in either discipline. This only highlights the gap between the arts and sciences and stresses the importance in introducing students to the “third culture” of integrated art and science.
Although there is a divide it is evident that strides are being made to integrate the sciences and arts. There has been an increase in classes, like this one, that strive to teach the inherent connection between the arts and the sciences. It may not be so apparent to outside viewers and even to scientists and artists but the arts and sciences have always been related, and it is in the best interest of technological and artistic development to focus on this connection.


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