Two Worlds Divided – Frank Nicholas There are obviously two cultures on the UCLA campus. They are divided into the north campus culture and the south campus culture, or the science and humanities. Some people fail to recognize that there in a “third culture” that combines both the north and south campus cultures together. As Professor Vesna states in her article titled toward a “Third Culture: Being in Between”, contemporary scientists are the third culture. As a contemporary scientist myself, I must agree with this statement. In my life, I utilize aspects from both the scientific and literary society such as: my desma9 class and in my high school architecture and design classes.
I don’t think that there should be a division between the two. It seems like when the arts and sciences come together they can achieve amazing things. Video games are an excellent example. There is so much art and design that go into a video game. The art side is the theme of the game, the characters style, the whole story and the dialect the characters have. Also, part of the game needs to be sketched out and drawn before. All that is good, but without science and people who can use computers as well as design the software and hardware for the game, video games would never be created. So when the two come together they can achieve amazing things.
Without the collaboration of art and science, we wouldn’t have movies, video games, theme parks, and so many other things. Basically I can’t imagine a world with out the fusion of art and science.


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