Week 1: Two Cultures, Courtney Tran

Hmm… how to answer this… there are two cultures on campus-primarily because us students like to believe that we “specialize” in a given area and contribute our ten cents in only that given area. It is a theory that I think most of us possess, despite the fact that, in reality, a medicine student will someday find himself admiring and studying the intricate Roman statues of human anatomy- ART, dare I say at some point in time. Or a ballet dancer will find herself discovering the science of balance in her latest dramatic end-pose. Human pride in being really good at one thing, and not being a little good at everything provides that barrier between admitting that the two disciplines create a much more well-rounded picture. And so, my answer is, there are two cultures on campus (because us students -perhaps even some professors, subconsciously convince ourselves that there are). Due to this way of thinking, we enclose ourselves in little bubbles and actually create an idea convincing enough to keep the sciences and the arts from communicating in a working relationship without reluctance.

I had my Bruin tour and I was told about North Campus versus South Campus, and I automatically convinced myself (without even realizing it then) that I was going to be a loyal member of the South Campus. I was rolling my eyes at our tour guide’s “North campus has all of the fun. They’re geeks with huge backpacks.” So, once again, the factor of human nature and its attraction to this feudal relationship comes into play.

This is even more apparent in my dorm room!!! I live in Hitch Suites with my roommate Erin. Erin is a dance major. I am a health sciences major- nursing. My living area is boring. It is practical. Computer. Printer. Boring black paper-holder. Erin’s area is decorated. There you see it. Her little poster with the title “UCLA World Arts & Cultures”, floral-decorated paper-holders, a wacko polka dotted comforter, and rose pedals trinkled on the windowsill. We are representative of the two cultures on campus. She sees me doing chemistry homework and says “Oh. I just don’t do those kinds of things. It’s not me.” I helped her add my printer to her computer, she helped me arrange the fruits in my fruit bowl. Did I ever consider arranging the fruits on my own? No. Because it wasn’t practical. They just need to be edible, that is all I care about.

Basically, the two cultures do collide in many ways, but, it is human nature that pushes away their magneticism. I know how to arrange fruits in a fruit bowl. I just don’t care. I’m proud of my big backpack and I wreak of Southside love. However, I do stop every and now and then and admire the Roman arts and their amazing ability to illustrate human muscle movements in such a precise way. And such imagination in ways to pose the human body! But… shhhh… don’t tell anyone on North Campus. I bet a doctor could do it better. Lol. Hopefully, thanks to this class, I can definitely get over my pride and think outside of the box with my work. Creativity dies out when you label yourself. Art, science, and technology need to get together and eliminate this gap.



THIS is what I mean by convincing ourselves that there are actually two existing, distinct cultures.


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