BehΦld Phi thr0ughΦut nature – Edwin Chavez

It think it is incredible how the Golden Mean is applied in art, infrastructure, biological architecture, music, beauty and dental aesthetics, and the basis of all life: DNA, and the universe.  There is research that even a peaceful heartbeat beats in a phi rhythm (   Being an MIMG major, I find it fascinating that in multicellular organisms, once an egg is fertilized, it divides and multiplies in count until it reaches the ratio of the succeeding number of cells to the latter number of cells is phi (1.618 …).”   Similarly, from the distances between the planets, to the structure of Saturn’s rings to the theorized shape of the Universe itself, the average of phi is found again and again everywhere.  Even more, there’s an unusual energy source at the frequency of phi that is found throughout the universe.  Everything on earth is connected somehow to this number (1.618).  If you saw a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo, you would know who painted it because of their repeating  style.  Same with Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo, their work are original to them.  So then, it is a common discussion, that the universe, the earth and everything on it had one creator. The golden ratio is merely His common design.

Other occurences are that the ratio of female bees in the world to male bees in the world = phi;  or, your height / your bellybutton height = phi.  As discussed in class, Phi (1.618), the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci series (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, …) can successfully predict how stock market moves. It exhibits particular positive and negative evaluations  that hold the ratio which approaches phi, with 61.8% positive and 38.2% negative.

Also, there are many discussions on what makes a beautiful picture or a person beautiful, and the in facial plastic surgery, the surgeon goes for the golden ration (= perfect face) in the eye width, cheek bone width, distance from the lips/nose/eyes, etc.  In this case, in nature, beauty truly  is in the “phi” of the beholder, that is, it’s even embedded in our DNA, thus correlating with human perception and natural selection.  Here is a link animating how they brought about the “perfect face.”  Also, in advertising, the product is found to have pix that have features displayed in a way that satisfies the ratio 1.618….  Another nice phenomena is that your total height divided by the height up to your navel supposedly is real close to 1.618.   And “oddly enough, to type Phi on your computer, you hold the Alt key and enter 1000 on the number pad, an interesting ‘alt’ernate look at 1 with a trinity of 0’s” (  In another note, I found math rock very rewarding when at some particular times, the beat felt to be “transcendent”  I can definitely listen to these unique heightened instances on a marathon run.


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