Week 2-Math rock and 4-D-Kevin Schmidt

What a week of class. Learning about the golden ratio to a guest appearance from the king of Math Rock. I found the youtube videos on the golden ratio, very interesting. I think it is crazy that there is a simple ratio that can be found in so many different aspects of nature that is so aesthetically pleasing. I thought that the most fascinating example was the one with the faces. How a grid that was formed using the golden ratio fit so well over the faces of celebrities that most people would consider attractive. But what I find most interesting about the golden ratio is that it is so universal. So many different things that we consider beautiful fit the ratio, whether it’s architecture, a face, or a flower. The fact that there are so many example of it in nature proves beyond most reasonable doubt that it is not purely a coincidence. And since it is not a coincidence it leads to other questions about creation. It leads me to believe that there has to be some kind of divine power because that type of stuff doesn’t just happen on accident.you can see all about the golden ration on this youtube link. http://youtube.com/results?search_query=golden+ratio&search=Search

Another interesting topic this week came in the article that was posted online, “The Fourth Dimension and Non- Euclidean Geometry in Art”. This type of stuff has always been a topic of interest for me. Einstein’s theory of relativity and space-time is very interesting. And the further into the article I read the more I made sense of this interesting but confusing topic. With time as the fourth dimension it made me realize that all dimensions are things that we cant control things that just are. There will always be three dimensions and there is nothing that we can do to change that or manipulate that. It’s the same way with time, it is a constant that we cannot control or manipulate.

The math rock was very interesting. Although that type of music is not exactly my style I gained a lot of respect for it in learning about it and hearing Gil talk about it. He made me realize how incredibly talented the math rock artists are. I also respect their creativity math rock really breaks the mold when it comes to the sound of it. They are very innovative with their instruments. There is a very “outside of the box” way of thinking that comes with the math rock style. One perfect example is Gil’s idea of having six one string guitars being played instead of one six-string guitar. I never would have though of that my self, and that’s why I have so much respect for the genre even though the sound is not a sound that appeals to me in particular. It was also impressive when the head band member of Ruins came in. It was amazing to see him perform because there was so much going on and he was so into the music. It was also evident that him musicianship and skills are extraordinary. His movements were so fast and he was multi-tasking more than any performer I have ever seen, he was literally a one man band. It was really something to watch.


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