math art and math rock [alon_nachshon]

This week was a very interesting one. im a math-minded kid, so it was neat to see how math has been tied to art for hundereds of years. The basic evolution of perception within art advance only as a better understanding of distance was related to line crossings and the angles they form had advanced. The golden ratio is strictly math based but it is the spark for an entire new wave of art.  From the lecture to the concert i have realized that even in the most spontaneous and creative arts therein still lies a pattern or trend; in the organized chaos of Yoshida’s math rock to the fibonacci sequence in the psychedelic world of fractals we see this coincidence. It shocked me to find out that Yoshida was able to incorporate so many different rhythmic patterns in such an organized performance.

I have seen his work before, but i have never heard his name. Maurits Cornelius Escher is a brilliant artist and mathematician. His innovative use of mathematical principle and non-Euclidean geometries makes for beautiful brain-teasing art. It’s astonishing to see how such basic shapes can be strategically placed, morphing two ordinary images or scenes into one mind-deceiving picture with four dimensions. Its mind-bobbling to look at his work, i can only imagine the struggles he had to go through to make the masterpieces.

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