Math Rock – Xuan(Ken) Wei

What in the world is Math rock? Personally I have never heard of the term and I have no idea of what to expect. I initially perceived it to be some sort of rock music with complex mathematical themes incorporated into it. Math rock, however, is a type of rock music characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures, stop/start dynamic and angular, dissonant riffs (wikipedia). So I guess Math rock isn’t necessarily derived from mathmatics; at least not from the math we normally think of. I remember TA Kuno mentioning that this genre of rock music is called Math rock because of its extreme precision and complexity. However, what quantifies the precision and complexity within a piece of music? I personally can’t think of anything that would make one piece of  music sound more complex or precise than another. Don’t misunderstand, I thought Yoshida San’s performance was phenomenal. I see Yoshida as an extremely talented musician and composer. However, I just can’t grasp the meaning of Math rock. To be honest, Math rock sounded to me more “random” than “complex.” I mean it is great that a genre of music can separate itself from the rest by utilizing this “complexity.” But this concept of “complexity” in the context of music is just really vague to me.

Maybe the reason for me to have these idiotic confusion is my limited musical background. I remember trying to learn the piano when I was like three, but it turned out to be a disastrous experience and I failed miserably at the end. I really enjoyed Yoshida’s music, it was a refreshing experience. He in a way revolutionized rock music and it is pretty crazy(in a good way).



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