Week 2: Courtney Tran

After one of our classmates went up and spoke about music in relation to the Fibonnaci sequence, and after seeing Yoshida perform math rock, I find that there is amaaaaaazing places to go, wonderous things to be made and done when math and art come together. It seems that mankind has come to the point where the embrace of this third culture will really save us all from the so-called approaching “end” of our genius. As  in the article, “On Creativity”, the end really is just a mark of a new beginning. I have never heard music like that before, and I have never figured that math could even be minutely related to created real, powerful, passionate music. It was wonderous!!! I was a little confused about non-euclidean geometry, but one thing I did pick up was that everything (for me) relates to that “On Creativity” article. If we find it impossible to fathom that there is a fourth dimension, if we would rather be more comfortable with the dimensions of art we presently work with normally, then we will never discover what else is out there. I definitely support these rebels (Lissitzky, Khlebinikov…) for helping us produce that beginning at the end. I also noticed that, much like math rock, the Theory of Relativity (scientific kind of stuff) was definitely making a connection to art itself (the fourth dimension), thereby, creating remarkable works. I was fascinated, and I definitely see why two cultures is robbing us of many possible riches in the progressing future of mankind. This was my biggest epiphany this week.

I love listening to music. And I find, that nature, art, and math (the Golden Ratio) create some pretty fascinating sounds that take music to a whole different level:



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