Week 2-Unknown-Frank Nicholas

Before taking this class I had heard about math rock through my friend. He told me they use math to make music, but I was confused and never really thought about it after that. But then we learned about it, and it is really interesting. It is amazing how music that uses so many different meters and breaks so many musical “rules” can sound so good. I like how the music is different. The beat is continually changing and is unpredictable, unlike most music where you will know exactly what is coming next.
I also found fractals very interesting. The whole self-similarity, and the parts replicating the whole is amazing to me. And they are definitely art, and are created from computer programs, so they are the perfect example of how art and technology come together. I was looking at different fractals online, and this ones my favorite.

I can’t explain why they are so cool looking, its weird. But thinking about repeating patterns and how a little piece of the fractal looks like the whole thing, and something that can go on forever like that is just amazing to me.


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