New way of expression on the third party

     Engineer is to take advantage of scientific facts and apply them to daily situations.  The Industrial Revolution was the end product of this.  After the development of Newtonian Mechanics, science world just went into a new way of discoveries.

     Technological development undergoes a series of improvement since the I.R. One of the innovation in the US was the Electification of industry.  This came with the invention of light bulb by Thomas Edison.  Factories also entered a new stage of production efficiency with Ford’s assembly line.  These two innovations in the US means only one thing to human future.  That is the revolution of mechanics, or the usage of non-human monitered tools like the robots.

     The convention about robot first began with Federick Winslow Taylor’s component part processing.  This is a measurement about efficiency of factory workers.  Later on, Rene Descartes picked up with his mechanical philosophy.  This means the rejection of emotion, and minds and everything were caused by particles.  This introduces the new expression about robots and it fit in the trend of industrialization which sparked the artists to excercise their new ideas.

     However, most of the expression at the time demostrate fear of the up coming society.  The best example is the literary work called Frankeinstan.  It is a story about a scientist created an android called Frankeinstan.  However, Frankeinstan is out of controll in the book and killed many human beings until he gets destroy by the fire that people put onto him.  The trend did not change until later times in 20th centry.

     There is another technology break through follow the first I.R.  It was the creation of motor powered vehicle.  With it, people can pursue higher speed than before or even aviation.  Along with the tide, the introduction of computers finally visited after WWII.  This is later followed by the creation of ARPANET, the first internet on Oct 29th, 1969.  These series of inventions change human aspects about technology.  The symbolism is that computer languages and communications can controll the robots.  This reduces a lot of fears in public’s mind and appreciated more about the technology.

     Among this time period, the artists begin to turn their view about art.  Now they focued more about expressing the possible future with art.  These artists were generally called the Futurist.  Their works are mostly about the dangerness about the new technologies.  The idea of replacement of works by robots still troubles most people’s mind.  However, as time moves on, the fear decreases.  There is even one point where an artist called Roy Ascott seeks to combine human and computer together to form an “organic robot” in his art expressions.

     In Wednessday’s lecture, there is one very intriguing artwork about the robots.  The piece of work shows the love between two robots.  The scene even shows the robots kissing each other like human beings.  This might not be an acceptable idea to some of the people but it definitely show the possiblity in the future.  However, the key point is that now artists have their new focus.  Human beings and nature are not the only focus in the realm of art.  The robots can serve as the new thrid party, thriving in human imaginations and express new thoughts in the area of art.probably the most famous robot in the world


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