Robots – Jennie Wong

I thought it was really interesting that this week we talked about robots, and in the larger sense, the fusion of the human entity and technology. One of my favorite books is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, because I’ve always found it so fascinating that one day science could bring about life. But moreso I love how it causes us to re-examine how we use our technology and to what purposes.  It is the whole debate between scientific advancement and the natural order of things that continues to baffle our society today.  However, I do think that technology can be used to achieve many positive things, and in many cases, these ends do so much that the risks taken to get there are worth it. For example, robotics as a science and art has brought about astrological explorations (NASA), rehab robots, and other useful inventions that enhance living and help us to go further in our pursuit of knowledge.

Upon doing further research, one particular robotic aid that I found extremely beneficial was the NavChair, which helps severely disabled wheelchair users. For the blind is the NavBelt, which “instead of issuing steering signals to the robot controller, NavBelt generates acoustic cues conveyed to the user via headphones.” Robots and machines, thus CAN be incredibly useful in this society. The question is, then, whether or not we are able to utilize that potential.

More information on robots, such as where robots have appeared in movies and tv can be found at this website:


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