Frank Nicholas-Robot-Week3
Robots are becoming more and more a part of society. As I was writing, or pretending to write on this, this I was watching Oceans 11, and in the movie they have a robot that drives a van to an airport as a distraction. But even though it’s a movie these robots do exist, and there are cars that “drive themselves.” I find this to be amazing. Soon everyone might have cars that can drive themselves, and for some reason some people think it’s a bad thing, but I think it is great. Imagine how much u can get done on your way to work if all you have to sit in a car, which if it drove itself would probably have a desk and computer in it so you could do whatever in the car.

Some people think that robots are making people lazy, or dependent on technology in today’s world. i think they are totally wrong though. (I am watching more tv, futurama, and there is a robot that can interact like a human. And this may scare people too because they will think robots could take over real people.)
(its the one in the middle)
I think having robots do things for us is great. it will make it so we can do so much more with out time, and with that maybe we can advance as a society.


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