My Chinese Art Class Relates to Desma 9: Week 3, Courtney Tran

Okay, so although we are on to robotics this week, and although fractals are probably soooooooo two-weeks-ago- I’m bringing back fractals in this blog entry. Braaaaaavoooooo!!! So, I was doing my reading for chinese art class, and suddenly, I discover that all I can think about is what we’ve discussed in my art, science, and tech. class. Apparently, the idea of fractals and self-similarity introduced by Mandelbrot, and how it is a pattern that makes up nature, is not a new idea! Back in the second century BC, chinese artists used fractals to depict turbulence and motion through time in their cloud designs on caskets. Dashing spirits illustrated on chinese caskets also had the same fractal makeup suggesting movement. The concept of time and motion (aha! the fourth dimension???) was alluded to early on in these depictions through fractal designs. The factors of time and motion are tied together with a consciousness of nature and its mysteriousness. When the chinese used fractals to illustrate the vaporous, moving images of spirits to allude to the concept of chi (a mytical bio-energy), they were prematurely reaching their hands into the fourth dimension- a mystified, deeper form of art. I couldn’t find any of these specific images online, because I got mostly contemporary chinese art, but, I found a video that definitely relates to what I’m saying. As time went by, the chinese’s awareness of fractals in nature was expressed through the medium of technological art- here named, animation. Here is the link to a really cool, chinese animation that beautifully illustrates a fractal and dives into the religious/spiritual concept of chi! It goes to show that exploration into the fourth dimension is inevitable, and technology is catalyzing our approach to this artistic revolution.

(This animation is a tree)


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