robots [alon_nachshon]

The word robot, what does it mean? Is it a walking computer? or can it be a stationary computer? Does it have to fulfill the roll of a human? Here’s Wikipedia’s ludicrous definition: “A robot is a mechanical or virtual, artificial agent.” In my mind roger federer is a robot. Although there exists no solid definition for robotics, what makes it so interesting is that it is a field of technology that is limitless in its progression and in its purpose. Robots of the 21st century are so complicated and so hi-tech. They are fascinating in the various jobs they can perform and in their near perfect human mimicking. From R2D2 and C3PO in Star Wars, to Agent Smith in the Matrix, robots have been both good guys and bad guys. But that’s all fun and games because those robots are harmless and entertaining to the real world. But as technology advances, robots are becoming a more controversial matter. Right now they have taken away the jobs of many whom are willing and able to work, resulting in structural unemployment (bad for the individual, good for the people) but pretty soon they will if we don’t put restrictions on the role of a robot, they can take away the beauty of humanism. Robot babysitters? Robot rabbis? Robot teachers? For now robots have been helpful and society-friendly but how long will it be before Will Smith will need to defend the state of the nation?

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