Robots living my life



Robotic engineering has captured our attention for decades now. From the original Frankenstein to the “new age” robots in IRobot, we have been fascinated with the idea of a robot that acted and looked just as we do. It seems the goal everyone is trying to reach is a robot that can aquire human emotions, actions, and thoughts, but what happens if and when a robot like that is created? Will we start loosing our jobs to the more “efficient” robots, and if so how long will it be until every job can be run by machine? I think this concern has been pushed behind the scenes due to the initial excitement of the idea.
The movie industry has always had a stronge interest in this idea of robotic humans.They have identified and portrayed the interest we have in artificial life and how with advancements our lives can be made significantly easier. There is no doubt that our lives have been made easier by everyday robotics, however there is still the question of how far is too far. The movie industry has explored this question, and even though there are multiple movies where the robots seem to make everyday living more luxurious, in the end the human lives are realized to be more important and cherished than that of the robots. Movies have identified the risk of being swept up into this age of technology. Technology can help to advance our lives, but if abused, it may begin to take away all together those parts of our lives we only wanted to improve. Our lives are still our own, and I for one don’t want a robot living mine.


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