Robots – Xuan Wei

There is no doubt that humans initially build robots to be efficient working machines, but could robots ever become more than just a machine? I mean could robots ever be alive, be able to express human emotions? Our imaginations of “robotic humans” are perfect examples of clashes between art and technology. We humans are a precise piece of art. Every action we perform, every facial expression we have, and every noise we make are nothing short of artistic. However, could we ever make the machines do the same thing?

Hollywood loves the idea of robotic humans and have came up with brilliant concepts such as Terminator, The Matrix, and IRobot. These movies seek to exploit the idea of how can humans and robots coexist in the future, how do we deal with conflicts between the human world and robot world? All these human made movies convey a happy ending that humans will eventually prevail over robot humans. But is that really going to be the case? In our current world, we do have complete control over our machines, but how long will this master-slave system last? Every year we are seeking to make robots smarter and smarter by infusing artistic human qualities into these promising technologies. But do we know exactly what we are doing? The final result can very possibly exceed our expectations in terms of that we might not be able to control our creations.

Japan is one of the leading nations in robotic technology, and it is also one of the leading nations in robotic art. Robotic art in Japan are expressed uniquely in their popular anime books (manga). These addicting books often follow a storyline in which humans use robots as advanced war machines. Readers often get the sense that the pilot and the robots are incorporated into one during combat. Robots in this case are extensions which humans use to express their feelings.

I love how Japanese people name their anime robots GUNDAM. I collected a few acronyms from the website

Generation Unrestricted Network Drive Assault Module

Generation Unsubdued Nulear Drive Assault Module

General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Automatic Maneuver

Generation Unsubdued Nulear Drive Assault Module

Gigantic Unilateral Neumerous Dominating Ammunition

Gunnery United Nuclear Deutrion Advanced Maneuver

Guider Unmanned Deployment Autonomic Manipulation

Enjoy these awesome fighting machines~~





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