Roles of Robots in Media Today- Carlos Chorro


Everyone likes robots. I don’t care if you’re into new technology or have never used a computer. The media reflects how important robots are to people in this day in age. Whether they be aids, sidekicks or just plain comedic relief robots are the present and future. Even before special effects artists, producers, moviemakers, scriptwriters all wanted to make robot movies. Even the people who think robots are dumb, they are still fun to imitate and make fun of in movies and TV shows. Now more then ever robots are making an impact in today’s society and media.
But do we really want this robot influence? Are robots going to be so advanced they’ll some day take over the world like the do in I Robot? No. Robots are helpers and are not meant for destruction of human kind as many people may think. For example, C-3PO is one of the most famous robots to this day. (Oh, and don’t forget about R2D2) He used his super technology for good as well as R2D2. Also, robots can be portrayed as comedic relief and mocked in movies or TV shows as seen in lecture. This lecture made me think of a south park episode where Cartman pretends to be butters best friend,the robot AWESOM-O. Because this robot had human tendencies it was taken to the government and examined. I just thought this episode was hilarious because it mocked everyones beliefs about life in robots perfectly. I wanted to post a clip but I couldn’t find one.

But do robots get enough credit in the media? Robots are usually on the side of the protagonist helping him/her get through tough times… They are technological puppets that are used solely for the purpose of entertainment. The question of life in robots always appears as well. Can robots feel? We always like to associate robots with humans as much as possible. Like in the movie transformers, humans and good robots fight to save the world against evil robots. The transformers could talk so of course we should consider them human right? Robots save peoples lives but shouldn’t the people who had the vision and talent to create these robots get any credit? The media always fails to provide this information and give off the image robots simply appear. Hard working programmers and engineers are the ones who at least deserve some recognition and credit for these beings.
Relating this all back to DESMA, I can say that robots just like math rock and math art, could be another way of expressing creativity and art using math roots. Robot creations are endless as well. With all the special effects these days, Robots will more then likely make a greater and greater impact on the lives of the upcoming generations. From personal experience, I can honestly say a little part of the reason I am an engineer is because I really enjoyed everything that was robotic as a child. I worked with robotic lego’s and always watched star wars. Nowadays, kids are influenced so much by technology and robots the trend will continue.


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