Technology & Robotics in Everyday Life-Van Huynh

After the industrial revolution took off, improvements in technology and manufacturing soared. It is extremely insane to think about how far technology has advanced to this day. The idea of robotics has intrigued us and led us to fascination along with curiosity of the possibilities of mechanics taking over the world. It is funny, yet ridiculous, to think technology consumes us in every way possible.

Technology consumes us even in the home. I was browsing through the internet and came across The products serve to do things people do not want to do such as household chores and difficult tasks. On the main page, it asks: “what kind of robot interests you?” There were items categorized as home robots, tactical robots, and robots for developers.

The home robots tend to everyday practical homecare appliances. These appliances do vacuum cleaning, floor washing, pool cleaning, etc. all on its own without the help of a human, except perhaps turning it on. The company seeks to pull in customers with: “Find out why millions of iRobot owners would never go back to life without robots!” I find it ridiculous that we need appliances such as these. It makes me wonder if these are important modern advances or are we just too lazy to do it ourselves?

looj The Looj cleans gutters.

Our lives are extremely mechanized. Technology does everything for us. They can come in the form of domestic care, entertainment, communication, etc. We consume our lives with computers, television, phones, etc.

Our fascination with robots and its belief that superintelligence will become smarter than humans exists in entertainment. Examples of movies include: Irobot and Smarthouse. Smarthouse is a Disney Channel movie about a house, controlled by a computer. Throughout, it learns to have human characteristics, feelings such as jealousy and love. However, it malfunctions and keeps the family that lives there locked up.



On youtube, I found a video of a robot that has the ability to draw. This robot creates art, drawing human pictures. It seems human-like, asking the man in front of it politely, to hand him a pencil and turn on the light. This robot has human characteristics such as good mannerism and the ability to create art.

Drawing Robot:

Another topic discussed during lecture included Kinetic Art, which I have never learned of until the lecture. It gave me an interest to search for a few examples. I found a piece called: the whirligig. This is a type of wind-powered hanging art that spins.
kinetic art


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