Tesla’s Tech & Industrialization – Edwin Chavez – Week 3

The reading on “Spaceship Earth” was very interesting. I had no idea that the Great Pirates dominated the world due to their resistance to “specialize,” and ironically, that they were extinct because of their later (inevitable?) greed to “over-specialize.” Also, I had never thought of Earth as our “spaceship,” that each minute the planet is “ON” both “spinning at one hundred miles” and zipping “in orbit at one housand miles (p.21)” In effect, we have not been taking care of our Spaceship Earth, it is as an “integrally-designed machine which to be persistently successful must be comprehended and serviced in total (p. 21).” Also, it is clear that extinction can be manifested (in all possible scenarios) by the same repercussion of “over-specializing” as assessed by the two studies in anthropology and biology.

In the other hand, I had been very impressed and inspired with the honorable Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) since my first introduction to him and believe he is not only a great inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer, but the greatest bioelectric pioneer of our time and more importantly, I’m convinced he’s the father of industrialization. It was Nikola Tesla, not Marconi, who harnessed the first radio; it was Tesla, not Edison, who proposed the system of electric power disribution embedded throughout the world: Tesla’s genius literally lit the whole world when it once was all dark. There would be no computers or anything involving the advanced electronic systems without the genius bedrock as Nikola Tesla. In stark contrast to many scientists, Tesla was that single thread in the tapestry that was able to see the pattern of the grand design.

Here is a nice shirt you can buy at ebay commenting on Tesla. Read it:

We can associate the advancing field of robotics with Tesla as well. Humans and robots have many things in common. I have studied again and again throughout many campaigns in my life, and have experimented with the notion that that we are, in brilliant design, fundamentally electrical beings with spinning electrons, resistors, capacitors, semi-conductors, batteries and electrical wires in our body. More importantly, that we are also magnetic energy, color and sound.
Tesla is also the founder of the aura. He electrified himself to photograph his aura! He theorized that “all cells are vibrating” and worked on optimizing human cellular electrical and biophotonic environment that allows dysfunctional cells to return to a more perfect and natural state, in effect, helping the body heal “itself.” That is, everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates. Tesla touched upon principles of resonance and quantum physics, he was able to see beyond material matter and in to the driving forces of nature. On his death, Tesla’s further powerful research was “confiscated by the FBI and filed away known only by a select few men in black (film).” Here is more data on some of the technologies like the “Body Regenerator,” 1 and “Tesla Shield” 2, made possible through Tesla’s teachings.

I started studying Tesla and how he had use electro-therapies for healing, by enhancing the subtle energy fields of the human body, when I learned that those teachings were suppressed so I curiously evaluated the devices myself with positive results. I even have a “molecular enhancer” which incorporates his famous Tesla coil. If you’d ever seen Tesla holding a bulb, that bulb has inert gas (either Xenon, Krypton, Argon, or Neon gases). Tesla uses a a tower of coiled copper wire, as utilized in transformers, and this copper creates violet lightening sparks when powered by voltage. You can safely hold the light bulb since it insulates the voltage and what you absorb is the electromagnetic power that raises your cells vibration to an optimal state (3). This device literally charges us back up with energy so that all of the chemical processes can take place. For example: the cancer cell is 15 mill-volts. A normal cell is 100 mill-volts or more. So you are charging yourself back up and you are replacing all frequencies because that is all that we are, we are spinning electrons of electricity. Coincidentally, In the Frankenstein movie they had the big Tesla coils that would shoot electricity up through the air.

Tesla was working on such medical devices back in the 1800’s with the high voltage and high frequency inert gases on animals and human beings. He was focused on learning how to help heal people but his discoveries were suppressed. Many devices inspired by Tesla are being used in the home and in holistic clinics around the world but is thwarted by the pharmaceutical industry which favors the economy and the government.

Nikola Tesla is truly the the forgotten genius that lit the whole world. It is funny that shortly before Edison died, Edison said that his biggest mistake he had made was in trying to develop directed current, rather than the vastly superior alternating current system that Tesla had proposed to him (4).


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