Industrialization, Robotics, Kinetic Art – Adam Molinaro

I thought that the lectures this week were pretty interesting. I personally took everything this week pretty serious because my major at UCLA is electrical engineering.  I thought it was really interesting to see how the extremely calculated and predictable element of computing could produce such interesting and unique art work. I have taken several classes at UCLA in the computer science department which I thought were very difficult and challenging, so I understand how difficult some of the creations were made in the process. 

            One of the people that I thought was most interesting was Tesla. To me it is absolutely crazy how this man understood and applied the completely foreign concepts of how electricity is composed. The man was simply a genius and I am pissed that his tower was destroyed because I would have want to see it.  How did the scientist of his time, understand the concepts. As a student of electrical engineering I just have to reproduce the electrical concepts that are taught to me but it intrigues how some people actually discovered the concepts that I am studying today.

            Another thing that I thought was crazy to watch was the white robot that was created by Toyota. The programming that went into this invention probably took several years to create and to me it was one of the coolest things I have seen. Not only was the programming amazing, but also the mechanical motion of the robot. To me the almost human like robot is a benchmark of modern engineering. Here is the link of the robot that I am referring to in case you forgot what it looks like


Another topic that I took to be pretty mind-boggling is how unnatural time has become. With all the advances in computing time seems to have been somewhat altered. Even just watching (something unnatural) like regular tv on a tivo seems so unnatural now. We can rewind, slow mo, and fast-forward television which is pretty crazy. I like how our generation is at the forefront of the computing movement. We are the first people ever on this planet to ever see these kinds of development. In the end the possibilities are endless, hey its all just zeros and ones…


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