Organized Creation

Artistic products represent individual imagination and expression that replace the daily used languages.  There is no fix pattern within the art arena as long as it conveys a meaningful message from the creator.  However, as we approach nature, certain categories of art fell among a system embedded with nature.

       Human being tried to approach and simulate nature starting with sight paintings or sculptures.  As the work progresses, it is surprising that the work follow certain structure in the nature.  Nature itself works under certain structures and obey certain fundamental rules.  The spark of interest took shape in our life as Charles Babbage invented the Difference/Analytical engine in 1822.  This was the earliest and the crudest mechanical database that we had in history.  Alan Turing, the father of computer science, developed an alternative way to store data and computer has finally makes its birth happen on earth.  Later on, the idea of AI and Artificial Life were proposed by John McCarthy and Christopher Langton to make human govern over or play a small part in changing nature.

        No matter what it is, it all shows that human beings are trying to expand their knowledge and make the world adapt to ourselves.  We do so by reproducing the natural structures in systematic devices, data, and to the minimal part of expression, producing pictures of the nature.  The search for complete imitation result in the different study branches in science and particular biology because it has on of the most complicated structure in the world.  The eager for knowledge could be clearly seen with the invention of the life game.  It has something to do with the study of biology and principles of economic in which were all implemented on to a board game called “Game of Life”.  Some scholars believe that the pattern demonstrated within the game provided certain solution to the natural structures.

        For example, in biology, we study structures of organic compounds in order to understand it and reproduce it.  We work upon it, with or without the cooperation from the nature because it is something that we wanted to pursue so much.  Of course it brings some ethical issues, but the bottom line is still the same and no one disagree with it.  That is, we want to explore the structure from the nature.

Up to this point, a question arises. Why do human beings go after and pursue the nature?  What kind of notion starts the will to search for it?  To make life better is not a complete answer because we still don’t know the element to make life better.  Maybe the answer can be addressed by aesthetic view.  We pursue behind it because we feel that it makes beauty and taste in our live.  The structure of nature is the foundation for these beauties and so we naturally go after it to find the answer for it.  A woman has beautiful looking because we determined that her structure represent an aesthetic view in our eyes.  What we love is the beauty and it originates in the environment that surrounds us.  That is why the subject of art dwells.

Human imagination of building structure in macroscopic world


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