biotech art? – Xuan Wei

OK, I think certain aspects of sciences and technologies are privileged to scientific investigations ONLY! I know we have been discussing relationships between arts and science extensively for the past few weeks, and I am in complete agreement with some of the findings. But seriously, genetically modifying a mammal in order to create a new kind of “art” piece is just way over the edge.


Personally, I don’t find this fluorescent bunny artistic at all, but rather bizarre and unreasonable. Molecular engineers do experimentations seeking to understand the code of life, but they simply should not randomly create genetically modified animals for the pure purpose of aesthetic investigations……. -_-;; Somehow I get the feeling that artists simply do not appreciated the fact that scientists take great responsibilities in genetic research and they do not take this privilege for granted. I mean, numerous scientific discoveries are made everyday across the globe, are artists going to investigate each one of them for aesthetic values?

I worked in a genetic research laboratory where we had millions of fruit flies being genetically tested on. Every scientist in the lab took great responsibilities in their research, and every genetic modification they conducted had a clear scientific objective. I was told extensively of how important EACH individual fly is to the research, even though fruit flies are the simplest organisms in terms of their genetic make up.

Frankly, I was extremely shocked to know that a complicated organism such as a rabbit was genetically modified to be green for artistic viewings. No matter how insignificant a bunny is to artists, it simply does not deserve to be genetically altered for public demonstrations. I am not sure if I am being too critical. In my honest opinion, genetic modifications simply do not correspond with art.

Scientists, in fact, have a far better understanding of the consequences and impacts of their research than artists. I mean seriously, DNA is THE code of life, it is fundamentally different for every single organism on the face of this planet; no one should just try to change it and see what happens……What kind of standard does this set for what we consider to be art? Why is it we appreciate a bunny of a different color? Have we grown tired of all the normally colored bunnies? Are they too boring for our demanding society that we must now make them green?

Anyways, this is just my personal opinion. ^_^;


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