an exploration in marcel -jack kutilek

What I thought was interesting this week was the whole readymades art movement and idea. And Marcel Duchamp in particular I guess. He sort of gave art, not really a new definition, but another definition I guess. The argument about what is art has always been if its beautiful its art, but no that’s not it what about art that isn’t beautiful but brings out emotions in you, or art that has some sort of social commentary. There are so many different kinds of art and Duchamp just made a new one. As Duchamp saw it, “The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act” which I think means that art is as much defined by what the artist makes as it is by how the audience reacts to it. And I think that his Fountain was more about the idea of using a urinal as an art piece rather than the urinal actually being an art piece. And then when the public got mad at him for calling it art, they showed that they didn’t like looking at a urinal as art. This is similar in some ways to how you can look at a well-done drawing that makes you feel uncomfortable because of the subject matter. I don’t know it just makes you think about what actually is art instead of just looking at it and saying yes that is art and moving on. Also it is pretty funny. I think those are reasons why I like Duchamp. But did you know? Duchamp took a break from art to pursue an interest in chess. Then he wrote a book about situations when black and white are down to kings and immobilized pawns. It’s an interesting thought experiment that makes you think, which Marcel Duchamp likes to do. I am not exactly sure if it is art though. I wish I could link directly to it, this site has a neat animation that shows different and very unlikely ways that black or white knows they are going to lose. Its interesting. this site covers duchamp pretty well I guess. Got a lot of his stuff and I am usually a fan; Duchamp made an exhibition for his art where he hung thousands of coal bags from the ceiling and didn’t let any light inside of the room among other interesting things, but the visitors had to use flashlights to see his art. That’s pretty cool you know?

heres a pic


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