Art pushing limits-Carlos Chorro

Art is apparently something that makes you think and question. What is the point of changing the colors of a rabbit? its artistic? How and Why? If thats what art is and thats what art makes you do then the GFP bunny and related “Art” should definitely be considered art. But the fact that it is art doesn’t necessarily make it right or socially acceptable. This type of art is pushing the envelope and should be banned. What is also up for discussion is the comment made by Edward Shanken that went something like this: ” if your art is getting censored your doing the right thing”. The problem with this is if art censors experiments that jeopardize living beings such as the GFP bunny and disrupt natural order in that manner it should not be allowed simply because its art. Is it ok to go around to different animals and change their genomes just so they look prettier and call it art? no its sick and some people may contradict by saying lab experiments test on animals. Yea its happening and thats wrong too but the use of it in science and technology experiments is to advance and help people or beings get better in some way. If experiments are conducted where the purpose is not to help something in someway it should not be done. It is not fair to say that it is ok to alter the genetics of this bunny solely for the purpose of art and expressing someones idea or image. Why not just draw a glow in the dark bunny? Wouldn’t that be art?

The fact that this experiment was done to open peoples eyes to art really does not mean it should be allowed either. How long before people start altering other peoples genetics to try to create mutated people? Apparently anything is possible and this type of work and experimentation is cool but could be ruined and taken the wrong way very easily. although it was not the intention at all this art came with negative affects and is definitely wrong for messing with human life. Sure this technology is quite fascinating and does what is supposed to do which is stimulate the public, but what if this is not the future path of art? Transgenic art should not be considered art it has too many dangers and flaws.


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