Controversy as Art-Kelly Sechler

After our lecture about GFP bunny my interest was sparked about both this bunny’s existence and how controversy effects art. I would first like to start by responding to Michael Chen’s post titled GFP Bunny? I too had some doubts about this bunny’s actual existence. If you truly bring an animal home as a pet and care for it how is it that you don’t remember how many years it lived. To me the statement about the unknown date of this bunny’s death can mean one of a few things. First, there is the possibility that the bunny never existed at all and a regular white rabbit was just shown under black light. And yes a regular white rabbit does glow green under a black light. Somehow this fact was overlooked. My mom used to have a white rabbit coat made of real fur and it always glowed bright green under the black light. Second, there is the possibility that the bunny did exist but it was not taken home and cared for like the owner claimed. If this were true it could change the ethical debate and artistic value of the piece itself. Our guest speaker said himself that one of the main reasons he defends his piece as being ethical was because he took the bunny home and made it family.

The next thing that I was pondering was that if the bunny did in fact not exist could the controversy alone still be considered a work of art. It has already been clearly established that art is highly fueled by controversy and the media but can a formulated controversy be in itself art? This question was addressed by many artists in response to GFP bunny. For example, Eduardo’s guest book from the times that he presented the concept of GFP bunny can now be found online as its own art piece. ( Also there is an art piece from 2004 titled The Alba Headline Supercollider. ( This is a interactive screen where viewers can explore the different media reactions to GFP bunny.

The last piece that I would like to talk about(although there are many more I could talk about) is an art exhibit called called Free Alba. Alba is the name of the GFP bunny in case you didn’t know. Free Alba was an art exhibit that showcased all the newspaper headlines featuring the GFP bunny and it’s surrounding controversy. This seams to me to be a true example of controversy as art. (The picture at the top is taken from Free Alba. For more information go to


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