The Ambiguities of Art-Van Huynh

During Wednesday’s lecture, I thought we would have a lecturer who would be examining art. After thirty minutes, I was still questioning in my mind: “Isn’t this an art class?” At the end of the lecture, what I got from it was a dull impression of the lecturer. I felt like I was in a science museum while a tour guide with a monotone voice was describing a bunny who was transferred with different genes and which in turn, made it fluorescent green. Reading off the slides and seeing no apparent artistic work in this GFP Bunny lost all of my attention after five minutes. All I can remember is seeing numerous slides with the same concept: a bunny, a mouse, more green bunnies, green mice, more about a famous man named Kac. Essentially, I was bored to tears.

I researched online a little bit more about this GFP bunny and learned that it was created with the help of a geneticist, by transferring genes from a jellyfish with green fluorescent protein. Personally, this isn’t art to me. Just examine the words associated with this bunny… transgenic, genes, protein, the abbreviation of the GFP bunny itself, these are all terms with the thought of science connected coming to mind. My question is: how do we consider this art? Is it the unique color of the bunny? The technology used to genetically alter it? The idea that science can be applied to something as natural as animals? In my opinion, I consider art an expression of feelings and emotions applied through an act such as music, painting, and dancing through the artist. In this GFP bunny case, I cannot observe any expression of emotion coming from Kac through the GFP bunny. Perhaps, some strange feeling of wanting to make the bunny green. If transgenic art is the art of transferring genes, then anything can be art with the word art following the main concept. People consider everything an art these days. The art I find in the GFP bunny is the stimulating of senses and emotions. The GFP bunny stirs attention, controversy, and debate whether or not it is art. However, anything can cause debate and attention. Publicity, celebrities, politics, the education system. Where do we draw the line?


The Art of Fart


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