Week 4-Is Biotecnology Art?-Frank Nicholas

The guest speaker on Wednesday really got me thinking about what art is and what is considered art. Befor I had thought that art was just what you cold go to a museum and look at,   or something that you would make in an art class.  But this class and especially this last week of lecture has made me really think about what art is.  Lets start off with I have come to the conclusion that just about anything can be art.  So after what I already I knew was art it sort of when like this: Architecture is art, the final product is a piece of art, and then movies are art, I don’t know why but I never thought of them as art, music, manufacturing is an art, for example I shave a skittle bag here. If some one were to paint the bag, or to produce one and put it up as art then it would be art, well I don’t really know where I am going with this but I hope its making some sense. 

So about the green bunny, because this was the main topic on Thursday, I could see how it is considered art. Let’s go to the sculpture garden.  The statue with the one pole up and then there are two connected to the top and they move and such.  That is definitely art, it’s a sculpture, and I think we all could agree with that.  What went into making that structure is probably about f pieces, three metal pole things, and nut and a bolt.  but when they are assembled like that and when the artists decided to construct them like that is what made it art.  and the green bunny was just a few materials places  together in a strategic way that the artist, or the scientist, or whoever took out of whatever thing glows green, and takes only the piece that he wants, and then placing it in something else, and because of that makes this new thing, and bunny that glows.  I think that has to be same as other art forms.  And the picture of the bunny can definitely be considered art, but that’s not really what they were talking about though, and I don’t know what they altered the picture.  Any ways, I think that it can be art, but I can still see why people think its not. And about the urinal that the was put in a art show.  I think that can definitely be considered art.  The artist found this urinal, picked out the one he wanted and presented it as art.  I have seen art that is just a log, or a stick that looks like something.  These artists found the stick and picked that specific one because he saw something in it, and pit it on display.  I think it’s the same sort of thing.  Well this is due. So that’s all.


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