What IS Art?- Week 4, Courtney Tran

Example of Technological ArtIf creating a genetically modified bunny rabbit that glows neon, and then adopting it into your home is considered art, then I am far out of touch with the definition of art. My pre-adopted definition of art was as simple as the stick figures I’d draw in grade school (or maybe even still today). Or, art was considered by me an outline in any geometric shape filled in with some kind of color. And so, I took the liberty of wikipedia-ing, the definition of art in all its mysteriousness. Here is what I found “the product of human activity, made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind by transmitting emotions or the mind. There is no real general agreed-upon definition of art, because the definition of art is subjective.” Anything can be art? Therefore, the defining line between art and technology must be- in fact- very slim, and the strictly defined according to each individuals’ interpretation of it. The statement that art and technology are two separate cultures is an overly generalized statement; one that does not take into account varying opinions and judgements. In that case, could I say that the laptop I am typing on right now is a piece of art? Or a medium for creating art, and therefore, not art itself? I could argue that the toilet we saw in last week’s presentation is a Mona Lisa of a different form, and completely defy the museum’s refusal to display it. But then there is a whole separate entity called technological art. This is like a bisexual human being. It performs both roles. In trying to find the connection between art and technology for our midterm, I am far more comfortable with the idea of it now that I know it is all a matter of what I think. It is all opinion. Art and technology are not so far apart after all.


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