Science and Art, where to draw the line

This week we got even more into Science and Art and their connections. I think that it is really important to recognize the fact that so many of the creations we see in science can be considered a type of art; after all, the scientists to a certain extent, go through some of the same processes artists do when developing their creations. I think that often times it is hard for scientists to admit this, just as it is hard– maybe even harder– for artists to see the similar process. Because, after all, for some it may be difficult to call scientists creative, just as it is may be difficult for some to call artists inventors.  I know that a lot of people thought the guest lecture on tensegrity stirred up a lot of controversy as to what actually “is art.” And, the fact remains that we’re never going to get a clear answer. Whether or not you want to call a glowing bunny art, it is still a creation, and still deserves to be recognized, maybe not praised, but recognized…. maybe no as art, but as a creation… which, all art is. If scientists are doing new things like this, and science is merging with art more and more, why not try to appease both sides of the spectrum… even if its not GOOD art, it deserves to be acknowledged, especially because things like this will ultimately help form the bridge between the science world, and the art world.


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