What makes art, Art?

The classic question: What makes something a piece of art?  Is it art because it is in a museum?  Is it art because the creator has said so?  Is it art because someone, somewhere, has said it is so?  No one needs to tell me that da Vinci’s, “The Last Supper,” or Michelangelo’s, “David,” are pieces of amazing paintings.  In fact, some may go as far as to say that Renaissance pieces like these epitomize art.  But it seems as thought there has been a shift in the definition of ‘art’ over the past hundreds of years.  It is now acceptable for so-called artists to come up with some crazy theory or idea, construct it in some ‘original’ way, display it to the pubic and call it art. 

A green bunny… Really?  Sure.  Good job to the scientists.  You’ve successfully made your first significant step towards playing God.  But please don’t call this art.  There are already enough people out there pushing the limits of our art definition as it is.  I am typically not even a critical judge about art.  If someone wants to draw different colored random lines on a page and tell me it represents life in its entirety, then that is perfectly fine.  I will even be the first one to argue against the person who says, “Even a kid could create that.”  “Well, a kid didn’t create that and nor did you.  Actually, come to think of it; no one has ever done that before.  It has taken a creative mind to construct something completely and utterly original.  Weather it is by chance techniques, mathematically calculated, or composed by that old fashioned thing called imagination; I am impressed.”

So, again, why is it that I am not impressed a single bit by the green bunny?  Let me rephrase that: “Why is it that I am not impressed a single bit by the green bunny as art?”  The truthful answer is still, “I don’t know.”  But I’m working on one, and as of now I believe it is because I still think there should be a boundary between art and science.  I don’t want the artists ‘dumbing down’ a wonderful scientific breakthrough.  “Hey North Campus!  Stop claiming our achievements for your own.  You don’t see us putting scientific things in museums.”  Oh wait, yes you do.  Normally these are confined to science museums, but sometimes they do break through into a regular exhibit.  “I’m sorry.”  I am also sorry for basically getting no where with this blog, but most of the time, that is what happens when the definition of art is debated.


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