Biotechnology, the incentive or the result.

Biotechnology is transforming our current lives.  This does not just refer to our scientific development but also the creative thinking.  Referring back to the development of biotechnology, James Watson and Francis Crick discovered and built the DNA model.  This is the most shocking discovery back in those days because we can actually now explore human structures.  It also creates a new field in both engineering and art field.  For the very least, it gives a new type of direction for people to focus on.

        Many biological developments like Bionic Arm by Campbell Aird and Brain Machine by Steve Potter surged in this particular field.  The usage of Oncomouse and cloning of Dolly spark the new age of creation, the organic engineering.  This is a brand new break through in science history for now we can develop a new type of living organisms instead of machines.

        This subject also sprouts its new field within the art field.  Some artists like Mel Chin invented the Artistic & Ecological red animation.  Biology simply represent another system that artist can express about.  The art pieces could include complex structure of cells and micro-organisms to represent a new type of feeling. 

        Among the class example, I feel the most funds towards Spider Goat Silk.  The idea is very intimidating.  It is usually hard to imagine that spider webs can be very strong that can sustain a lot of tension before it broke.  The tension that it can sustain actually exceeds that from the steel.  This can bring a new field upon material engineering that replace steel with spider webs in certain fields.  However, before that, bioengineer kicks in.  The scientist came up with the combine genome of spider and goat to make goat mass-produce spider silks for material applications.  Even before that, we can still see some natural patterns of architecture within the spider web.  Its rigid pattern is responsible for its strength.  It surprises me how the scientists analyzes the web structures like evaluating a piece of art work.  They figure out the pattern that formulate the web and find the model them into different point of view through computer programs. 

        Today, we have made our ever first cloning on the sheep Dolly.  This makes me think of Star Wars’ storm troopers, which were clone armies.  The major difference between cloning and robots is that cloning has more natural or more “pretty” appealing to us.  Even in Star Wars, the storm troopers were originally with the Jedi from the beginning and fighting against robots, which we percept them as ugly and rusted. 

        Biotechnology may be developed due to this reason.  It is not enough just to make a robot that functions, but to create some thing that actually looks good and assemble as much as natural as possible.  Art might just as well be the major reason that we choose to pursue on cloning rather than perfecting our robots.  It may be the incentive for now, and will ever continue to improve into future lives.

A super soldier, bioengineered makes him genetically superior in battle in the game Halo 3.


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