DNA Music and Not Enough Time

Most people had GREAT ideas for their mid term projects… However, the whole one minute thing kind of ruined it. Granted, there are a lot of students in the class, and this seems like the most logical way to present the projects, however I feel like a lot of good ideas and concepts got lost because of the time crunch. I think that perhaps next time, two classes, with two minute presentations is a better idea, mainly because so many of the projects were SO interesting, and it just seems like we lost a lot of what people had to say. But, regardless, it was really cool to see all the different ideas people came up with. So many were so original and so creative that I was really, really impressed.

The project that really stuck out was the DNA music project. I thought that was really awesome. And totally original. I think it’s awesome that someone thought of that on their own, and am really impressed with how well it was exicuted given the time constraint. I think the mid term concept worked out really well, I was anticipating a lot of sort of unfinished, or not completely thought out ideas, but most of the class produced really well focused and interesting project proposals. So, congraduations to everyone! I was really impressed, and cannot wait to see what the finals are like, if they are going to be presented in the same way!


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