Frank Nicholas-Week5

I thought all of the presentations were very good.  there was such a wide variety of ideas a projects that people came up with and it was interesting how they chose to try to get all their ideas out in just a minute.  one that i found to be interesting is the robot that would translate the sounds or music it hears into a piece of art.   this would be a very interesting thing to see and how someone may construct this robot/machine thing.  during this presentation i kept thinking about how complicated the programming for the robot would be, i guess i think any programing is really complicated, but to make it seem like the robot is making art with music would be easy, just have to make it draw random stuff, but to actually translate the music, so if it heard the same song twice it would draw the same thing, would be very complicated.

Some cool things that could be done with this would be for like a band to try to play a song, and then play the original version and compare the art work.  i think that would be a cool thing to try.  i think it would also just be so interesting to see what it will come out with.  music varies so much and the possibilities for what the robot can make would be endless.  so that was just one presentation, there may have Benn a couple on that topic, but they were all really good and cant wait to see what we will have to do for the final, and what other ideas people will come up with.


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