Let’s be Biospherians!

The Biosphere 2.  The coolest thing since Biosphere 1 (aka Earth).  We should totally take a tour!!! Tour Info.

According to Mapquest.com it’s only about 7 1/2 hour drive for about 500 miles.  It would be the perfect 3-day weekend fieldtrip…

When we watched the youtube video of the woman who had lived in the biosphere for 2 years and her experience, it really through off my whole perspective of time.  Out here in the “real world”, time is such a valuable thing and for someone to make the choice to step out of the real world for such a long time makes me question what personally, is the worth of two years. What will I accomplish, etc?  Would my time not be better spent in a biosphere.  Could I live away from my family and close friends and relationships for so long?  And what would happen when I got out?  I’m assuming many of those relationships would have moved on and I wonder how different my life from then on would be, if at all.  How much do the people around you truly propel your future or do the majority of relationships leave you stagnant and stuck in the same place for long periods of time?  The end result of most movies is the pairing up of the characters and that they end up living happily ever after… doing… we usually don’t find out what.  Do you accomplish more independantly of close relationships or less?  The woman in the video related her experience of going into the biosphere with two of her closest friends but that they ruptured their friendship when the group naturally split in two.  This says something I think about the structure necessesary for a natural community, a small family structure, as well as the most efficient group for getting things done and advancing oneself as well as the the group one is apart of.  My conclusion, if any, might be that it is better to keep friends in a small group rather than trying to maintain close relationships within multiple groups because intrinsically you will be torn in different directions trying to advance yourself with both and as a result remain stuck in the same place.  

On a different note: good job on midterms, guys!


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