It’s All Relative!-Van Huynh

Out of the projects presented, I actually found many of them quite interesting. I thought it was a great way for everyone to really be creative and demonstrate some unique proposals to the class.

One project I found interesting was The Dark Room, by Lizette, who brought up the concept of the fourth dimension. I thought her idea of having a room full of one, two, and three dimensional objects which were controlled by a remote to stop the glow of these objects to demonstrate the ability that time has. Showing time as the fourth dimension through this process shows time and its effect on motion. Thus, time and motion are relative to one another.

I find this project interesting because I once did a project on Relativity and remember some of the concepts applied to Lizette’s. I remember it mostly as a concept of space and time. With time dilation, the concept of time and motion can be applied. The idea of the twin paradox, says that if one twin travels at the speed of light for twenty years, while the other twin stays on Earth, when the twin returns to Earth, it will notice that its twin has aged twenty years more compared to him. This is the cause of motion and time. As a result of the twin’s motion (the speed of light), time will have slowed down for him. This reinforces Lizette’s project of the relativity of motion and time.

This project was interesting because I had already some knowledge and insight into Einstein’s theory of Relativity.
twin paradox


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