midterm! Xuan Wei

I really enjoyed our midterms this week because I got to see so many creative projects! Well here is my prototype for my artistic robot which could transform sound into art~


This happy robot will transform all sorts of sound in this world into art! yay~ ^_^; I drew this with AutoCAD. I know it is definitely not the best program to use; I should have used photoshop. Anyway, it was just a little idea that came across my mind – an artistic robot that could paint. Notice that the sharp objects on the mechanical arms are paint brushes, they are not knifes! Or else I wouldn’t name him The Artist, might as well name him The Killa.

I really tried to make the robot looking artistic, and I had a really hard time trying to draw the “artist hat” using a mechanical drawing program such as AutoCAD. But nevertheless, I think with enough rendering and detailing you can eventually create artistic pieces in AutoCAD. Here is my attempt.



This is just a quick contour sketch I did in AutoCAD. It does need some more work in shading and coloring; maybe I will complete it someday when I am not so tired haha~~



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  1. iplayterran Says:

    hm… what u guys think of the last one?

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