Terminatrix? Michael Chen

Besides the banana dogs, one of the presentations that stayed with me was the pair of students doing the “Terminatrix”. At first, I thought they were going to build Kristiana Loken’s character from the third Terminator movie, as I have seen the character referred to as the “terminatrix”. Her character, however, is actually the “T-X”, and Google also produced a Marvel Comics character and a bad Japanese spoof movie as well. The two students, however, had a completely different idea.

The project idea was to make a movie bridging the gap between the Terminator films and The Matrix trilogy, titled “The Terminatrix”. Basically, SKYNET blows everything up at the end of the Terminator trilogy, John Connor and the humans fight the machines, they lose but darken the sky, the machines harvest the body heat of humans, create the Matrix to give the humans something to do, and then the events of the Matrix trilogy take over.

I have to say, at first the idea seemed kind of far-fetched, but the students presenting sold the idea well. At the end of the presentation I actually wanted to see the movie, no matter how good it would actually be. I mean, it does present an interesting crossover, and we’ve definitely seen worse at the box office.


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