week five jack kutilek art art art art art art projects

So I guess these midterms have been presented. I guess. It didn’t feel like we had enough time to properly present our ideas. Anyways I was surprised that everyone had different and original ideas I was almost sure that there would be two people that had the exact same idea. I guess there were those two that were similar but I remember there was a difference in them. I forget which ones they were, the second just started “okay so I guess my idea wasn’t that original.” I was really into the ones that involved music. I guess I am just really into the idea of music and art being close together, like music that makes art, or art that makes music. AHA an idea for a project that is better than the one I used for my midterm. Oh well, its got me thinking. We could make some program that analyzes different art and turns it into music. TECHNOLOGY AND ART BLENDED INTO ONE. Perfect. And it’s got music.

Anyways lets think some more. What I really liked about this project was looking into the art world today and finding cool art projects that people have already done. For example, I thought Hotel California ad nauseum was especially neat, where 10artists performed hotel California in different ways for 24 hours straight because the organizer wanted to play the song to death so it would die. And while not exactly technology related, the projects around it are. But what’s most important is that I learned about it and I learned it existed. I’m a big fan of these sort of strange art projects that are not really like traditional art (like much of Duchamp’s work) and this class makes us look around and find these different art projects that we are interested in, or maybe they are just what I am interested in, but either way it’s exciting and interesting and it makes me glad I took this class.

Anyways I was looking around the web for other cool technology related art projects and stumbled upon this sculpture somehow. However not exactly technological, they probably had to use a lot of technology to work with such big and heavy things. That counts, right?



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