Biosphere- Edwin Chavez

The concept of Biosphere 2 is a very valuable mini-model for our planet, elucidating on our ways of life.  An even miniaturized version of a biosphere may be an effective way to examine how long-term space exploration may come about.  Living in a smaller biosphere can give us the perspective of how every action equals an equal and opposite action which allows us to feel how our daily life support system is affected daily at a microscopic level.  Our present technology keeps us comfortable and away from most of nature’s havoc and it made me realize how disconnected, , in overall, with our planet and its issues with global warming we are in addition to our should-be-symbiotic relationship with nature.

    It is interesting how the designers of Biosphere 2 carefully chose a variety of plant, animal, and insect species of which most were extinct (higher than expected: Of the 25 small vertebrates, 19 died out by the mission’s end). We can see how taking the mission on a longer run can deplete the species in a sort of dominoes effect.  Almost all of the insect species went extinct, including those which had been included for pollinating plants which in turn, caused a decrease in life-giving plants.  This was fundamental for the project’s success; improving upon the Biosphere 2 as a life containing orb can really make a difference in how we act upon issues on  our larger biosphere, Earth.  Also, in a lighter note, I find Biosphere 2 similar to the “Survivor” series; on how your physical and psychological energy drain out, thus uncovering your core values.  I think that the midterm was very challenging that can show the many positive attitudes over art, science, and technology.


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