Bunnies, Music and Computers…

            I really enjoyed the tie-died bunny idea as I feel plenty of other people probably did too.  It was a well thought of topic for presentation because it was obviously something that (most) everyone in the class knows some background information on.  As someone who did not like the green bunny lecture, I highly enjoyed the amusing nature of this presentation.  Although I can not be certain, I couldn’t help but notice a sense of irony being presented in the idea of a tie-die bunny.

            Another thing that I noticed (and liked) about the presentations is that there were many that had to do with music and some sort of digital manipulation of visuals and/or sound.  I think this really reflects that amongst people in my age group, many have had their lives highly influenced by digital music.  Our generation is the first to be of a group that has easy access to computers and fast internet.  Illegal music downloading is such an easy thing for us, and as an effect, we have built these massive digital collections.  iPods and other mp3 players have further influenced the enjoyment of downloading more digital music.  It obviously makes sense that in an attempt to combine art, science and technology, we go for two of our biggest loves; music and computers.



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