Midterm presentations alon_nachshon

Out of all the very original and well-strung presentations, my all time favorite was the presentation that uses magnetism to correct the hazardous shapes of cells that cause diseases. I have always dreamed of being the one to cure diseases that affect millions of people such as cancer, aids, or sickle-cell anemia. But I always told myself that I have many years of schooling and countless hours of lab work before I can even make a weak attempt at resolving the issue. The presentation on cell re-structuring has shown me that with creativity and using all the knowledge in one’s head, rather than waiting for help, is all that it takes to make a solid attempt at solving a problem. Although the creative attempt at fixing sickle-cell anemia might not be a practical method or even a functional one, I was still quite impressed by this student’s project.

Another project that sparked my interest was the DNA music project. DNA is a very astonishing entity and even on its own it stands as a work of art. Just how a piece of art can arguable have form/structure/pattern or have none of the sort, similarly, DNA both had a pattern in its repetitions of amino acid sequences, and lacks in pattern due to the uniqueness of every human’s DNA chain. I can see a future with DNA art. I think it would be interesting to have some sort of document or picture in my house that has both my parents’ DNA strands for various traits and the below those, the same trait strands that come from me and my sisters’ DNA. The projects in general, were very interesting and enlightening. Through all the projects I now see science and art even more interconnected.


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