Midterms – Carlos Chorro

Even though i found this midterm particularly difficult and challenging I enjoyed the new and innovative 1 minute presentations. The hardest thing was crunching all the information into the given time and being able to show what you worked so hard on and know so much about in 1 minute. Despite these difficulties i saw some really fascinating ideas and would prefer this type of midterm to the usual 50 minute tests i take in my engineering classes.

I liked the presentation about the “fatsuit” and the issue of obesity. I always thought obesity was a problem and i definitely agree that a treadmill and a “fatsuit” would be a very effective way of showing society how big of a problem it is today. This project reminded me of the movie “super size me” where a man tracks his health over 30 days where he eats fast food every meal. They are very similar in the sense that the each user in each project actually experiences what its like to be fat and are very controversial and probably somewhat painful to watch. Heres a link to a clip of this video on youtube:

I also liked the DNA music presentation. The idea that something that microscopic and that scientific can be translated to something music is just simply amazing. But actually being able to do it and make it sound good too is taking it to a whole new level. I could see people paying for something like this just to see what they’re DNA would sound like. I know i would like to mess around with something that plays my DNA. To expand on this project, maybe it could be like an instrument where it has an input and output. Input a strand of hair and out comes the music? Just a thought.

The presentations similar to mine were very interesting too. Other people came up with the same sort of category which was using robots to make art. Although these concepts are far from possible these days, these ideas were interesting and helpful for me especially when i had to present my idea. Aritificial intelligence is not nearly advanced enough to create my project or any of the others for that matter, i believe it is still important for these ideas to be shared because thats how ideas for inventions stem and how some helpful things have been created. Overall I thought the midterms were a big success, presentations went well and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and others’ creative ideas. I would like more of my midterms to be like this in the future.


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