Art is a really broad area.  It basically covers all possibilities in human imagination.  This week’s topic is about medicine and human bodies.  However, in my own opinion, I agree that human being themselves are perfect artistic forms.  From this point of view, I can understand the aesthetic element within those forms of art.

        However, there is a certain part that I can’t agree upon.  I can’t agree to that human body test and dissection as a way to explore the aesthetic view of art.  I don’t agree the expansion upon this particular field.  While it is true that we dissect human bodies to understand our internal structures and therefore had a leap forward in medical developments, it will have a negative connotation to present those ideas to let people have risk upon it.  For example, a new cancer treatment has been found but not tested on human yet.  It is acceptable if someone is at the later age of cancer to try those medications under their concern.  This part is still acceptable in terms of scientific development.

        However, in terms of artistic presentation, I think the action needs to be considered over again.  During class on Wednesday, there is a presentation about bakery making dissected, bloody, and hooked breads in human body form.  It is definite a new idea in terms of pursuing in art.  Nevertheless, it will create an image that a person is being “killed” within the bakery.  Our whole body can have an aesthetic view as a whole.  But being dissected and even hooked up like butchery selling meat is way over the limitation of exploring.  It can nearly be described as indirect murder.  Yet, the more unacceptable condition is that those bodies were made out of bread, which implies that they were edible.  It would be the hilarious reason to argue that the bodies were butchered so it can fit our diet and mouth better.  There is nothing wrong by adopting bread as ingredient for sculpture constructions.  But in this case, it gave the audience the wrong image that we humans are edible and therefore, we are all a kind of food source for emergency cases.  This impression is simply not acceptable and most likely to be non-ethical.

        There is, however, something that can compensate against the “human bread” notion.  The presentations and peer comments are valuable.  It symbolizes the future possibilities and developments as time goes on.  Many presentations incorporated a new type of art that can be expresses in future.  For example, the C++ program art is a brand new theme and could potentially be a useful tool for all the artists in the future.

        The online virtual dating project also projected the idea that science and art are inseparable.  It is true that we can make many profiles that can be store in a huge database for future references.  However, the real thing we are pursuing still needs the compensation of art.  Without pictures and colors, our live will be black and white.  Most mathematic developments seek to describe nature with formulas that can be translated into computer languages.  This shows that by pursuing art, our scientific development always follows.

A cryonic super soldier for future crysis.


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