Week 5- Blog-Kevin Schmidt-Mid term

I really enjoyed the mid term activity. I think it was a great way to learn the material without having the stress of cramming for some kind of written test. What I liked the most about it was that I could further research the topics that I am most interested in. Because, just like any other class, there are some topics that are more interesting to me than others, by doing a power-point presentation on a specific concept I could really learn a lot about that specific subject, as apposed to being a “jack of all traits and a master of none”. I also liked it because I could just let my ideas flow. There were no limitations on the type of creation I could come up with. I had an outlandish idea that I just went with because there were no limits placed on it. This is one of the only classes that I have been in that allows students to really think outside the box and express all of their ideas freely.
Although there were many good presentations, one that I liked in particular was the one on performance enhancing body suits. They are robotic suits that people would get into and be able to control. In class we talked a lot about robotics and I think that if we could combine robotics with people there are endless possibilities to what can be done.
To see more information on the blogs and projects please look at this website. https://desma9fall07a.wordpress.com/category/week-5/


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