Brazil:A Deeper Look-Van Huynh

Before Monday’s lecture, we were able to see a portion of the movie Brazil. Just seeing part of this movie intrigued me and really inspired me to examine it further. I liked the central theme of this movie, where a totalitarian government was satirized with the main character Sam. In this world, Sam is happy with his job but his mother wanted him to be promoted. This movie is really an eye opener. It shows the ridiculousness of government and the falsity of appearances.

Sam is happy with his job but since it isn’t considered prestigious, his mother aims to convince him to get a better job. During this, she is having a face makeover by her doctor. This scene enables the audience to see how out of hand society has become. People are looked down upon if they do not have a noble job or if they don’t look a certain way.

brazil mother

I’m only eighteen but I feel I have seen enough of the people and the world we live in today. People are often judged for their jobs and their looks. If you don’t have a lean figure or a toned body, if you have wrinkles, and if you don’t have a symmetrical face, you are considered lazy and unworthy. What if you just don’t care about how you look? Unlike some people, I’d rather spend my time doing some community service or spending quality time with the people I love rather than spend six hours a day, seven days a week working out at the gym. Or what about the people who are just too bogged down with responsibilities like jobs and school to constantly mantain a healthy diet? Brazil shows how industrialization, with the use and growth of machinery, we now incorporate them in everyday life to be “more beautiful.” People use machines for plastic surgery, to work out, to essentially manipulate and change their body. My question is why do people compare themselves to eachother. It would be extremely boring to see everyone that looks exactly the same.

Sam being content with his dead-end job intrigued me as well. His mother who tries to persuade him into the promotion allows me to connect it with many people today. So many parents out there are continuously trying to get their kids to become doctors, lawyers, or business leaders. When they decide not to continue to pursue these jobs, they tend to end up pursuing what they truly love. In turn, the parents become disappointed. This truly bothers me. Why can’t these parents just learn to be happy that their children decide to do what they love doing and not choosing to pursue something they’ll hate for fifty years? Isn’t the true meaning of living to do what you love? If not, what’s the point anyway?

I really enjoyed this movie because it examines and satirizes many of the obstacle people go through today. With the crookedness of government and the falsity of people you meet, the movie really shows you to analyze the person yo are or want to become.

brazil movie poster


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