Frank Nicholas-Body Worlds, and some other stuff-week6

When we talked about Body Worlds on Monday i actually knew what it was. i have seen body worlds and i think body worlds2 at the California Science Center, i know i went a few times and they had different exhibits. i only went to it because my mom is a science teacher and she likes that kind of stuff, and the other time i went was with my school. i didn’t really appreciate it as much as i would now, but i remember thinking it was pretty gross at first, but then once you look at the 50th body with its muscles all taken apart you kind of get over it. I told my mom we looked at it in class and she told me it was in San r right now, so if shes right, and any one happens to be up there they should check it out. i just looked it up its in San Jose, so she was close. its at a place called The Tech. and the pictures are all very good, but it is a lot different actually seeing them, and being able to walk around all the bodies and be able to look a lot closer. if the body wolds 3 comes to la i will definitely go see it.BodyWrolds

This is one of my favorites, its something about him holding his own skin, i don’t know.


i really liked the whole body that was just veins like this head, but i couldn’t find a picture.

And just another thing. i was at Carl’s Jr this weekend in San Diego and this who took my order

Meet Kiosk2.  This kind of shows how robots are taking jobs away from people. i don’t know i thought i kind of related to this class so i took a picture with my phone. I’m done rambling. oh one more thing when i was ordering when you pick what size large is way bigger than medium and small is even smaller on the screen. i felt like i was being tricked.


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